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Annalise (and me) now


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Brief Introduction

So this whole blogging thing is pretty new to me. Hopefully I won’t disappoint too many interested readers…only time will tell. The purpose of my blog for me personally is to be an outlet for me when I have the time to or need to vent, relax, share thoughts, ideas, and to make new connections. If you’ve caught the caption of my blog “Being Mommy” then you probably know that my hands are somewhat full already.
I’m a new mom of a sweet little girl named Annalise, my little Valentine baby. She’s my first and I never thought I could love someone so much and someone so little! She has truly captured me in her precious world:) She’s now about 4 and half months old and I’m still blown away at the changes she goes through every day, not to mention the whirlwind of my life in the those short 4 months! Unfortunately I’m working full time right now – but that’s changing in just a little over two weeks, a true blessing – and my husband works full time then has night classes full time – but that is for the better. Of course there is everything in-between…that forever growing list of things to do, trying to maintain a life with a little one, finding a little “me time”, and then being a good wife. It’s not easy to do and I’ve quickly learned that – but with God’s grace I will manage. I just have to kept repeating that to myself – daily:)
This is just a brief look into what will be posted and what I will be going on about. Afterall, my blog was looking a little boring with nothing on it:) Writing is something I enjoy doing and since I can’t seem to take a moment to write in a journal like I use to, maybe in our crazy hi-tech world I can find time to sit down in front of a computer and express myself through a blog. I know it will take time for people to come across this little space among the many, but I do hope to meet some very interesting people to share ideas on numerous things, give advice or receive it, lend an ear to someone who just needs to get something of their chest, or someone who is just looking to pass away the time. Whatever your reason for coming along and reading my page I hope I’ve left a good impression. Even in it’s smallest measurement.
Looking forward to some happy blogging:) Until next time…

Annalise barely one hour old

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